Forgotten Flavours Pop Ups (OG Whiskey Haze, 15mm)

Forgotten Flavours

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I told you guys last year they were coming, and here they finally are.

Decades go by and nobody makes a Whisky hookbait and then suddenly everyone is making it. Guess we're onto something here. :-)

These need no introduction. I've kept the Whisky as real as I possibly could, I've only slightly adjusted the attractors to make it suit for the FF audience, the old-school soft creamy, yet pungent tone we're always chasing here. A proper boozy smell and taste, now in a different color and with extra added Secret Stash Hazelnut flavour. Creamy, boozy and lovely all round.

Attractor Package:

Whisky oil palatant (Nash)
Whisky EEE (Nash)
Hazelnut (Secret Stash)
Condensed Milk (Nash)
Cream Cajouser (Nutrabaits)
Caribbean Liquor (Rod Hutchinson)
Jamaica Rum (Geoff Kemp)
Jack Daniels
NHDC liquid/powder

15mm - 150ml tub.