Nash was founded in 1978 by Kevin Nash. Since then, this company has been a driving force in the development of carp fishing gear. Now, Nash tackle consistently sets the standard for quality products. Explore groundbreaking tackle and clothing to build your own collection of essential Nash fishing gear.

Product Range

Whether it’s the innovative Titan bivvy or their powerful barrows, Nash’s lineup provides a variety of key products that enhance your angling experience. At Carp Angler, we’ve built up a varied collection of Nash tackle and accessories that include hats, chairs, shelters, hooks, head torches, lines, and so much more. Browse our curated product range today.

Sustainability & Community

One of the reasons for Nash’s continued success is their interaction and integration within the angling community. In addition to developing Nash fishing gear, this brand also has contemporary values that prioritize the environment and sustainability in fishing. They believe in their ecological responsibility, actively communicating with the angling community, promoting responsible fishing practices, and contributing to events and organizations. Shopping Nash tackle, and gear helps support the entire angling world.

Nash At Carp Angler

Since Carp Angler is your number-one U.S. resource for angling gear, it’s no surprise we’ve created an extensive collection of Nash products. Shop our store as we update our collection with new products, or explore other top brands, including Thinking Anglers, One More Cast, and Solar Tackle. If you need any guidance building your carp care arsenal, our team is always here to help. Feel free to reach out to our friendly customer care team for personalized support!