Forgotten Flavours Pop Ups (Strawberry, 15mm)

Forgotten Flavours

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A spin off our original Alpine Strawberry from way back, and definitely a very close competitor to the original Strawberry pop-ups we released in 2019 when we had the opportunity to re-create Strawberry hookbaits with Rod Hutchinson's flavour from his own shed.

We were lucky enough to receive those Hutchy flavours from the Hutchinson family.

Those were a 'one-off', a hookbait to never return again to the market. However since then and especially since the Carp Show Den Bosch in Holland early 2023, we got absolutely hammered by 'Where are the Strawberry pop-ups' or 'Have you got any Strawberry?' questions.

It was clear for us there and then, we had to re-release it.
A true, wild Strawberry hookbait, with some creamy notes to complement it. An old recipe, with a new twist!

For this recipe we have mostly used our own flavours, a few flavours which aren't released yet but will be in the near future, EA Strawberry. Finger lickin' good!

Attractor Package:

Strawberry EA (Forgotten Flavours)
Scopex (Forgotten Flavours)
Milky Icecream (Forgotten Flavours)
LMSE (Forgotten Flavours)
Milk D+ (Forgotten Flavours)

15mm - 150ml tub.