Forgotten Flavours Pop Ups (Wacko Jacko, 15mm)

Forgotten Flavours

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Remember me?! ?

The now long discontinued 'Jacko' recipe brought back to life. An extremely sweet, floral combo that comes into play especially in spring, but can be a year-round favourite for many as well.

We aren't planning on discontinuing the recipe so we should be able to keep doing these for a while. :-)

Attractor package:

Dairy Cream (Forgotten Flavours - same as Kempy's Dairy Cream or Maddocks' RM30)
Strawberry EA (Forgotten Flavours)
Plum Plus (Forgotten Flavours)
LMSE (Forgotten Flavours)
Geranium EO (Nutrabaits)

15mm - 150ml tub.