Century CQ MK2 (Close Quarter MK2) Rod


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A mobile angler will always be looking for opportunities where fish are hard to reach or trekking into remote swims with light yet practical kit and this where this new CQ rod is designed to make an impact. Mobility from Century implies transportability, lightness, power and playability and the way the CQ has been constructed addresses these vital functions from the outset of the rod build.

Firstly the design has been built from scratch and we have managed to bring lightness and power yet still deliver a unique playing action from a 9’ 3 piece travel rod or 10' 2 piece rod which can act as a replacement for your main 12’ carp rods when needing to travel light. 

We have called this rod a close quarter rod and undoubtedly it succeeds in this area but it also has a range that will surprise many. The butt section stores and releases energy via a taper lock joint into the mid-section and generates surprising tip speed – given the short overall length. This interaction between butt and middle section overcomes many of the inherent problems associated with other travel rods. Generous guide diameters particularly in the upper section (size 16 tip guide) caters for dense weed venues and avoids line choke when fewer guides are fitted on a shorter rod.

While 10' rods are 2-section and there are many available rod cases for its standard size, 9ft CQ rods which are in 3 sections can be safely transported using their custom transport/carry case: Century Close Quarters Travel Case (for 9' CQ Rods Only)

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