Century MK2 Spodding & Marker Rod


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The Century Spodding Marker has been designed as an application rod that is suitable for delivery of small or medium size spods and with responsiveness in the tip section to make it suitable for use with a marker float. The rod performs optimally with a suggested casting ratio of 3-6oz.

The materials and technical design are based on the popular C2-D Spod and C2-D Marker rods but we have developed a shorter 12’ rod incorporating a lower diameter butt section to make it a bit easier to compress and suited to venues where 12’ carp rods are an anglers preference.

The Spodding Marker has been Autoclave cured in our UK factory to ensure air is removed from the carbon wall and so resists test curve decay to ensure they keep casting like new after hundreds or thousands of casts.

The cosmetic finish of this rod has been brought in line with our modern carp rods while being durable and practical. The 1k carbon butt section has been fitted with a full length Japanese shrink rubber handle to maintain grip and allow easy cleaning down then fitted with a 1k carbon r/s and standard DPS hoods to ensure maximum compatibility with reels.

The tip section has a short piece of 1k carbon at the joint area with the rest of the tip finished in UD carbon and ground to a matt finish. The rod is fitted with Century SiC size 50-16 guides and has a black tipping at 12 inches above the reelseat to aid measuring.

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