Century CQ 2-Section 42" Landing Net


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Totally re-vamped in 2019 and now comes with a black spreader block and discrete graphics.

Absolutely stunning!!

Introducing the new Century CQ 2 Piece Landing Net, the handle comes in two separate sections. Originally 6ft in length, the shaft can be halved either prior to use or whilst the net is in use. This enables you to fish with confidence in even the tightest of swims.

Top quality as you would expect from Century.

Supplied with an ultra-thin, super stiff, high quality 6’ (1.83m) two-piece 1k carbon handle that is fitted with a Japanese shrink wrap grip on each section and a rubber butt cap. Discrete CQ graphics applied to the handle.

42” (1.07M) arms and an optimum depth, olive green, fish friendly soft mesh net.

The spreader block is machined from a solid block of high-grade aluminium which has then been hard anodised in stunning black with a laser etched Century logo.

The carbon arms attach to the spreader block by means of small internal stainless studs allowing easy assembly. The base of the arms has also been fitted with a section of Japanese shrink wrap which makes gripping the arms just that bit easier.

Supplied in a green custom case.

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