CARP 'R' US Dragonfly Larvae Shorty Mouthsnagger Aligners (8 pcs)


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Designed to make the presentation on Longshanked Hooks more compact, they will fit larger eyed or thinner wired hooks too due to their special internal shape.

This perfectly shaped Mini version of our original Mouthsnagger is made from the same exclusive material which will absorb any flavour or mineral in the water that they come in contact with unlike any other Line aligner materials.

Available in Brown,Green,Black and Clear.

For shorter shanked hooks we recommend you use the original, longer Mouthsnagger.

Ray Dale-Smith Tip!

„Try leaving your Mouthsnagger and hook end section in your attractor or flavour to soak. Later attach your undipped bait before casting out. It’s certainly worth a try.“

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