CARP 'R' US ATS Gladiator LS Hooks (10 Pcs)


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The perfect hook for open water fishing. Its construction - a longer arm, a wider curve, a perfectly sharp straight tip and an eyelet slightly bent inwards - ensures perfect overturning in the carp's mouth. A really top carp all-rounder that can withstand almost any situation.

This new pattern forms part of our range of Super Strong Ultra sharp hooks An advanced and highly specialised heating technique which has taken many years to perfect has created is a feature of our ATS range and created a breed of hook unrivalled for sharpness and strength. 

After extensive testing, we are confident that the new ATS Technology range of hooks is the best on the market today. It is made by the best and most respected hook manufacturer in Japan using the highest quality Japanese steel. 

The hooks go through a patented tempering process that gives them perfect strength and long-term sharpness. The matte finish, which is not Teflon, guarantees long-term protection against corrosion and does not reduce the strength of the hooks, as is the case with classic Teflon hooks.