CARP 'R' US ATS Predator Hooks (10 Pcs)


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Our testing and consulting team worked hard on it for two years and today we can say with certainty that they have succeeded in developing one of the best hooks for carp fishing. 

This is the already known shape of the Kurve Shank hook, but ours is adapted to the exact requirements of the most experienced carp hunters across Europe.

The Predator has a properly designed arm with a straight eye and an extended blade with a micro counterpoint. The extended blade enables better penetration of the hook into the carp's mouth, and the micro counterpoint minimizes its damage. 

Predator, like other Carp'R'Us hook types, is made by the best and most respected hook manufacturer in Japan using the highest quality Japanese steel. 

The hooks go through a patented tempering process that gives them perfect strength and long-term sharpness. The matt surface treatment of ATS without the use of Teflon guarantees long-term protection against corrosion and does not reduce the strength of the hooks, as is the case with classic Teflon variants.