Carp Angler Mega Spice Boilies

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Hot and spicy flavors, not occurring often naturally in waters, stimulate senses of carp's feeding palette and as a result trigger a strong feeding response.

Spices, unlike most other ingredients, boast an extremely distinctive taste and aroma that carp find irresistible. 

Our Mega Spice Boilies consist of a blend of dried, stone-ground herbs and spices added to our proprietary boilie mix.

The flavoring is based on natural bun spice with a hint of...a secret ingredient, making this a unique boilie that will give you angler's advantage when fishing for carp.

Our Mega Spice boilie is also formulated to help target carp where channel catfish are a problem.

While no bait can claim to definitively catch carp and completely keep channel catfish away, our boilie is formulated with certain spices and other additives to ensure that the catfish doesn't ingest too much of it and doesn't keep coming back for more.

Unlike channel catfish, carp have no functional stomachs and their digestion takes place directly in their intestine. This allows us to formulate the bait in a way that targets carp while dissuading catfish from eating it. 

16 oz Pots options are sold by volume and fit approximately 50 of 20mm boilies or 30 of 24mm boilies.

2.2lb bags are sold by weight.