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Soluble boilies have gained immense popularity among anglers for several compelling reasons. These innovative baits are designed to dissolve slowly, over a period of many hours, releasing a cloud of attractants and particles that effectively draw carp to the area. This feature makes soluble boilies an excellent choice for creating a highly attractive feeding zone without overfeeding the fish, which is particularly advantageous in short session fishing or in heavily pressured waters where carp have become wary of traditional, more permanent baits.

The soluble nature allows for the immediate release of flavors and smells, which can trigger the carp's feeding instinct more quickly and efficiently than standard boilies.

Introducing the revolutionary Coco Berry & Mega Spice Soluble Boilie – a groundbreaking carp bait designed to maximize your fishing success using the power of both sweet and spicy flavors. Scientifically formulated, this boilie combines the irresistible allure of Coco Berry with an invigorating kick of Mega Spice, creating a sensory explosion that carp simply cannot ignore.

Key Features:

  1. Dual-Flavor Fusion: The Coco Berry & Mega Spice Boilie offers a unique blend of sweet and spicy flavors. The sweetness of the berry is scientifically proven to mimic the natural diet of carp, tapping into their instinctual preferences. The spicy addition is not just a taste sensation but also acts as a potent stimulant, proven to increase carp feeding activity.

  2. Olfactory Appeal: Carp have a highly developed olfactory system, capable of detecting certain substances at minimal concentrations. The Coco Berry scent provides a distinct, fruity aroma that effectively travels underwater, drawing carp from afar. The added spice component releases a strong, pungent smell, known to provoke curiosity and prolonged investigation by carp.

  3. Taste Sensation: The combination of Coco Berry and spicy flavors is not just an olfactory marvel; it also stimulates the gustatory system of the carp. The sweet aspect of the boilie closely resembles natural food sources, while the spice adds an unusual twist, encouraging exploratory bites.

  4. Nutritional Content: Beyond the flavor and smell, the Coco Berry & Mega Spice Boilie is packed with high-quality, nutritious ingredients. This ensures that once the carp are attracted to the bait, they receive a beneficial meal, promoting healthier fish and a more sustainable fishing environment.

  5. Long-Lasting Attraction: Designed to slowly dissolve, these boilies release their flavors and attractants over an extended period. This ensures a lasting presence in the water, keeping carp interested and in the area longer.

  6. Versatile Use: Whether you’re fishing in lakes, rivers, or commercial fisheries, the unique composition of these boilies makes them an excellent choice in various water conditions and temperatures.

Scientific Innovation in Carp Fishing

At the core of our Coco Berry & Mega Spice Boilie is a commitment to scientific research in ichthyology (the study of fish) and limnology (the study of inland waters). Understanding carp behavior and their sensory biology has allowed us to develop a bait that speaks directly to their natural instincts and dietary preferences.


Elevate your carp fishing experience with Coco Berry & Mega Spice Boilies. By harnessing the power of both sweet and spicy flavors backed by scientific research, this bait is not just an attractant but an irresistible trigger for carp feeding behavior. Embrace the future of carp fishing with a bait designed to deliver results.

16 oz Pots options are sold by volume and fit approximately 50 of 20mm boilies or 30 of 24mm boilies.