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Carp Angler Pineapple Fusion is a collaborative masterpiece between Carp Angler & ProLine Baits.

After extensive research and field testing Carp Angler is proud to release a boilie that gives you the ultimate Anglers Advantage. 

This is a combination of high attractant and food source bait. 

This boilie is designed to attract the fish with all natural flavors and scents along with tested colors to enhance bringing the fish to your swim.

The second important part of this combination is High Quality food source ingredients. Nutritious blends of Milk Proteins, Vegetable Proteins, Fresh eggs, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids including Omega 6 and Omega 3. Seeds, Nuts and Grains with fiber,  proteins and L-Lysine HCI for maximum Amino Boost.    

The Highest Quality Base Mix delivers nothing short of the highest nutritional value to the fish.  This helps the fish to establish our baits as food source that they will return to time and time again.

Our boilie is easily digested and packs 55% proteins, packed with Vitamin A,C,E,B-6, Magnesium, Iron and Potassium. 

Combined with the all natural taste enhancers it is a game changing combination.

Yes we could have produced a run of the mill boilie that would look and smell great  but Carp Angler & ProLine wants our customers to fish with the same great results that our Pro Staff achieve. We want you to have the Anglers Advantage.

16 oz Pots options are sold by volume and fit approximately 50 of 20mm boilies or 30 of 24mm boilies.

2.2lb bags are sold by weight.

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