Thinking Anglers Barbless Curve Shank Hooks (10 pcs)

Thinking Anglers

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TA Barbless Curve Shank hooks are ideal for all manner of big fish rig applications. The pattern is ideal for use with almost any presentation; ranging from the ‘bog standard’ knotless knotted hair and blow back rig, through to KD rigs, Slip-D’s, 360’s and the hugely popular ‘Ronnie’ rig. This is simply an amazingly versatile hook pattern.

Curve Shank hooks have a needle sharp, long tapered, durable point and are manufactured from forged and double tempered super-strong, extra-heavy gauge steel wire that is essential to ensure the reliability in curved shank hook patterns. This exacting manufacturing process optimizes the strength of the high carbon wire and this means that the hooks offer amazing strength in relation to the wire gauge used in their construction. 

The combination of an in-turned eye, curve shank and needle-sharp straight point is naturally an extremely positive hooking design that turns very aggressively. By coating the pattern in our super-slippery PTFE coating, and the combination of a positive angle of drawer ensures the pattern reacts aggressively and then takes a secure hold as the hook fully penetrates quickly. 

These Curve Shank hooks have undergone rigorous and extensive testing across a wide range of demanding big carp scenarios by our team prior to their general release and the results have been epic.

Key features/specifications:

PTFE Coating for optimum penetration
Super strong double tempered extra heavy gauge high carbon steel
Super sharp straight points
15° In-turned eye