Thinking Anglers Beaked Chod Hooks (10 pcs)

Thinking Anglers

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The new Beaked Chod hook draws its design heritage from the popular TA Curve Point hook pattern. By adjusting the eye of this awesome pattern and upping the wire gauge to make it utterly bulletproof, it’s now perfect for use in conjunction with fluorocarbon and specialized stiff hooklink materials. Beaked Chod hooks have a multitude of uses, ranging from bottom bait, Multi-Rigs, and D-style presentations.

The 15° angled out-turned eye works perfectly with these tricky materials as it allows the hook to sit at a naturally aggressive and efficient angle and doesn’t restrict the hook’s generous gape. The out-turned eye also helps to maintain the perfect alignment between the hooklink material and the hook point – that means that the hook is easier to fine-tune with rigs tied with these hooklink materials.

The Beaked Chod hook features a supremely sticky, long hook point, that just wants to snare and bury itself quickly, bedding deeply with minimal resistance thanks to the point’s tapered profile, the pattern’s positive angle of draw, and our ‘slippery’ PTFE coating. Simply put, the overall shape and specification have been developed to work cohesively, to offer exceptional performance right from pricking/hooking to creating secure hook holds and ultimately staying securely in place until the carp has been successfully landed.

These hooks are forged from a super-strong, extra-heavy gauge wire, and were thoroughly tried and tested by us under extremely rigorous conditions prior to their public release.

Key features/specifications:

PTFE Coating for optimum penetration.
Strong double tempered heavy gauge high carbon steel.
Super sharp, beaked points.
15° out-turned eye.