Meccanica Vadese Smart Pod (3 Rods)

Meccanica Vadese

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The Smart Pod is one of the most versatile Pods of the Meccanica Vadese staple. As the name might suggest, it adapts perfectly to multiple fishing situations giving always a good performance. Its reduced weight and the compact size when stored, make it the best choice for those anglers who wish to cut down kit to a minimum but still don't want to say no to the Maccanica Vadese stability.

The Key feature of the pod construction is the fact that the two sets of legs can move freely and independently on the main center tube by just loosening two collars, allowing for multiple configurations of the pod itself. 2 legs at either end, 4 legs in the center or even a high pod configuration with the two sets in the back position with the rodtips to the sky.

Furthermore the front buzz-bar block is fully removable thank's to the quck change magnetic and mecanik system wich allows the storage of the buzz-bar complete with alarms in a bag and improves set up time.

The pod come with the carry bag

Weight aprox.4kg

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