Meccanica Vadese Nick-Etto Session Rod Pod (3 Rods / 11 - 17")

Meccanica Vadese

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Nick-Etto was designed in Italy for mobile anglers in mind and for those who choose a more minimalistic approach, especially with shorter, daily sessions in mind.

Bridging the gap between more flimsy banksticks and more bulky full-size rod pods, Nick-Etto provides the best of both worlds - stability of a larger rod pod at a very small packdown size normally associated with traditional banksticks.

Key Features:

  • Max height adjustable up to 17" above the ground
  • Min height above the ground can be further lowered from default 11" when you move the stabilizer up the shaft, which will allow you to push the pod deeper into the ground, just like a bankstick.
  • Build with the best aluminium available
  • Stabilizer included
  • The stabilizer made of stainless steel
  • Optional carry bag sold separately

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