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Torrix is Harrison's flag ship range. The top of the tree in carp rod evolution. In the opinion of many the best carp rod available. Technically advanced, incredibly capable and our most reliable rod ever. Torrix has been fine tuned with a matt finsih and new minamilist build. 


Pick up a Torrix and the first thing you appreciate is the 1k woven fabric finish of the butt. 1k carbon is an expensive material, but it adds toughness without adding too much weight, so we use it a lot. The tip section has a little 1k at the joint, but the tip has a tough ribcage of carbon scrim on the inside and does not need the 1k all the way on the outside. In development we tried a 1k layer all the way to the tip because it looks so good, but in comparison with the tip without the weave, we could feel a little better balance and greater sensitivity in the latter, so we chose to go "naked" without weave on the tip.

The 3 1/4lb test curve Torrix is the best selling rod. It is slim, light, and when you swing a lead you immediately feel more in touch than with other rods. In tests on grass we have got close to 200 yds with top casters, so you can expect to be able to fish at distance easily. Every caster is unique so we won't mislead with any numbers, but I think you should be able to fish at greater range with Torrix than with any comparable slim, light carp rod. Torrix is slim, well balanced and a joy to use and achieves as much distance as an extreme rod in most anglers hands. Optimised for 3 1/2 ounce, your choice of lead will be dependent on how you can power up a rod, but Torrix, though a great caster has some action through the butt that makes it less critical of casting technique. It is fast by our Ballista standards but does not have the premature lock up of some modern carp rods from competitors.

Lock up is something worth talking about. Different carbon fibres are described by their modulus. High modulus fibres generally have less strength and less stretch than the high strength fibres. There is a place for high modulus, and we use it a lot in Torrix, but we use it with some high strength material in our famous compression tension balance. That word "balance" is important. You can go too far with high modulus carbon, and many do. It is my opinion that the tendency for some makers to go to very high modulus is a mistake. Some of the current more expensive rods from the far-east are slim and light, but have premature lock up and low reliability. Not what you want in a carp rod. That is because Korean and Chinese designers are not always familiar with the size of the fish you catch and the leads you throw, and the UK angling consultants are not familiar with the limitation of the materials. Together the UK consultant and the Far East designer can end up developing a rod that is a camel when they really wanted a horse.

My view, is that Torrix has the best balance of high, intermediate and low modulus materials for the current state of the technology . Now I would say that wouldnt I? But you know, because I have a cold room full of carbon materials to choose from, and total control of the in-house production process, combined with more expertise in this game than most, there is no reason for me to settle for any less than the best design and production.


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    Posted by Austin Jones on 13th Apr 2023

    Upmost standards were set when creating these rods. Amazing power, fish playing ability is off the charts. Plenty of power right when you need it.

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