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Trebuchet is a real world distance fishing rod. 

Some Comments from Terry Edmonds:

My name is Terry Edmonds I am a carp fisherman and a very keen Tournament caster and have been placed as high as 8th in the UKSF as a day caster and have cast over 260yds many times. Through my ability to cast long distances I got involved with Dr Steve Harrison at Harrison rods to develop a casting tool that also has the ability to fish very well.

The problem with developing a casting rod is all the attributes that are desirable for extreme distances are not so fishing rod friendly, an example of this is that my usual casting tools are very stiff in the but and have a firm tip which helps control the lead and compress the butt, this combination would be useless for a long range carp rod.

Steve sent me down some prototypes to cast with and even though they were very good quality blanks they didn’t quite have the long range performance that I was hoping to achieve. Using my experience of casting numerous rods over the years I told Steve what I thought was needed, Steve’s expertise was invaluable here and he sent me down a blank that looked and felt awesome.

After a few months casting and fishing with this rod I knew that we had a winner the butt is perfect for carp casting styles being stiff enough to promote fast tip speed and compression yet soft enough to bend so the rod will work for normal less powerful casters, the mid section blends into the tip brilliantly and is the ultimate compromise between lead control and fish playing ability.

After months of casting these rods over 200yds many times I have found the rods totally reliable and not prone to softening. Not all distance rods can claim this! I believe that Steve Harrison has a superb rod here and it performs to the highest level as good or better than any other rod I have cast/fished with and believe me that is most of them. The Name of the rod is the Harrison TREBUCHET, an awesome product. 

Equipped with 50mm Kigan 3D rings and Fuji DPS 20 reel seat, trimmed with a stainless collar on either side.