Forgotten Flavours Pop Ups (Seafood Squid, 24mm)

Forgotten Flavours

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Our Seafood and Squid blends combined for optimum attraction and fingerlicking fishy goodness!

Another one we have been waiting for; but getting the bits and pieces right for this one was of absolute paramount importance and believe me it wasn't easy!

With a very thick, dark natural identical Salmon aroma lingering through the smell of Tuna, GLM, Shellfish and all sorts this one will be spoken about for many years to come.

Added to this and very important to complete the blend is a homemade oil made with Chocolate Carolina Reapers which will make anything extremely spicy!

To top it off we also have included Paprika, Himalayan Rock Salt, Fenugreek and other hot chili ingredients so it makes up for a dark Red Spice hard hookbait which we have blended into 'Seafood Blend'.


Simply the one and only... Gold labeled Squid & Octopus Koi Rearer from Solar.

Add some full fat GLM, black pepper and you're into a winner.. mega potent and ultra buoyant - these are by a mile the best Squid pop-ups you will ever fish with!

Fished with the Squids myself a lot last year and the results have been absolutely mind-blowing.

They caught me my first two fish from Bled in Slovenia!

Attractor package:

Squid & Octopus Koi Rearer (Solar)
Squid & Octopus powder (Solar)
Shellfish Sense Appeal (Nash)
Nutramino PPC (Nutrabaits)
Protaste (Rod Hutchinson)
Black Pepper (Nutrabaits)

24mm - 250ml tub.