Forgotten Flavours Squid Barrel Wafters

Forgotten Flavours

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Simply the one and only... Gold labeled Squid & Octopus Koi Rearer from Solar.

Add some full fat GLM, black pepper and you're into a winner.. mega potent and perfectly balanced - these are by a mile the best Squid wafters you will ever fish with!

Fished with the Squids myself a lot in the past and the results been absolutely mind-blowing.

They caught me my first two fish from Bled in Slovenia!

Attractor package:

Squid & Octopus Koi Rearer (Solar)
Squid & Octopus powder (Solar)
Shellfish Sense Appeal (Nash)
Nutramino PPC (Nutrabaits)
Protaste (Rod Hutchinson)
Black Pepper (Nutrabaits)

WAFTERS: 15mm x 12mm barrels - 100ml tub