DT Baits Supa Fruit Pink Wafters (15mm, Approx. 50 Baits)

DT Baits

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Washed out pink with a smell of summer and citrus fruits. Light viscosity of attractants to enable free dispersion throughout the water column. Tiger Nut attractants, along with high levels of milk proteins and human grade flavours, make this wafter extremely effective.

Made from fundamentally the same base mix as the boilie, but with the inclusion of a controlled quantity of our pop-up base mix to increase their buoyancy, off-setting the weight of the hook and making them waft around the spot in a way that more closely resembles a free offering. Ideal for tricking the wary, bigger fish as they sit closer to the lakebed like a bottom bait, but behave in manner that make them a little trickier for carp to identify.