DT Baits N Blend White Wafters (15mm, Approx. 50 Baits)

DT Baits

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A pale white white with a flavour which is a combination of roasted nut and condensed milk, enhanced by Milk B + to add a sweet creamy note.

Instantly attractive, and an excellent change bait if your water has been dominated by fishmeals, or if you are bothered by crayfish.

The same intense Tiger Nut flavour that goes in to the boilies is present in the wafters too, and all carp love Tiger Nut.

Made with the N-Blend base mix, but a carefully measured level of our unique pop-up additive, these baits waft around in an extremely natural way. So with these potent attractants, the N-Blend wafter is as good as it gets.