DT Baits Supa Fruit Hard Hook Baits (18mm, Approx. 50 Baits)

DT Baits

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DT Baits Hard Hookbaits have been specifically developed for those sessions when Crayfish, diving birds or nuisance fish become a problem. Offering improved reliability over the traditional air-dried boilie, all of our hardened hookbaits contain the optimum inclusion of additional egg albumen to give them a toughened outer skin that is highly resistant to Crayfish and other unwanted attention whilst remaining soft enough to be pierced with a standard baiting needle.

Available in a range of flavours that match our boilies, each pot of hookbaits are nearly identical in colour to their matching bottom baits, making them very difficult for the carp to single out as being different. The only subtle difference between the two being an increased level of flavours and attractors used in the hookbaits to increase attraction and ensure they continue to leak food signals into the surrounding water column for a longer period of time.

Luscious soft fruits flavour with a sweet dairy backnote. High levels of milk proteins, and tiger nut meal, make this a highly effective bait all year round.