Century FMA (Force = Mass X Acceleration) Rod


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The Century FMA (Force = Mass x Acceleration) is a proven design based on Century’s experience in competitive casting where our rods have been used by the World’s leading casters to hold and maintain World Record distances casting 4ozs, 5ozs and 6ozs. There is a significant transfer of the technology used in this competitive aspect of angling and this has been carefully tuned to suit the modern progressive carp angler – looking for long range and playability.

The FMA departs from conventional thinking by a quantum leap. We have started from a position that we require a neutral taper in the butt section: the butt is therefore parallel and incredibly just over ½” in diameter at its base. This allows us to position the power bands in exactly the areas that will generate maximum tip speed. The design of the rod is now governed by the materials and is less reliant on a fixed taper, which hitherto had a disproportionate influence on design and performance. This is one of the reasons why all our World Records have been achieved with parallel butts.

We use a complex series of ultra high modulus, high modulus and intermediate modulus carbon patterns cross-linked in the axis of the rod. The hoop strength is increased with the use of 1K-1K carbon twill and special cross wrap carbon fibre interply which we call AT-T. The new action in the tip blends into the butt with a flowing arc when under compression and acts like a pretensioned spring. The rod is incredibly quick in recovery and the virtues of braided line can be used to the maximum. Conventional line is well protected and the revised action really helps prevent hook pulls. Casting distances in excess of 200 yards have been a regular feature of our development programme and the tip has many of playing characteristics of the Century FBS range. A truly remarkable combination fused at birth in the autoclave for action retention and total integrity.

We have given FMA’s a casting weight rating rather than a test curve. Our focus is to produce the best long-range and playing carp rods available: extensive trials confirm the 2 models available – FMA1 for casting 3-4 ozs and FMA2 for casting 3-5 ozs are truly sensational. We use Century double leg 50 pattern SIC guides, configured to give the same performance we achieve at Tournament. The rods are finished in Century’s UVA resistant silk matt finish. We fit a light weight Matt Black reelseat which is engraved on the sides with FMA and Century logo. A full length JSR handle is fitted below the reel seat with a very slightly flared out butt area and black butt cap to complete Stealth look.

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    Centure FMA 3-5oz

    Posted by Brian Santos on 29th Jul 2023

    Fantastic rods. For what i paid, I had very high expectations for these rods and i have been VERY pleased with them. Ive had them for 3 months now, and as i fish nearly 5 times a week, they have gotten plenty of use. To start; These rods cast a mile. Loading packbait on a 3-4oz lead and casting 80-100 meters is easy. And im admittedly not a world class caster. Theyve nearly doubled my heavy packbait casting distance, and visibly improved lead casting distance when used next to other 3.5TC rods. You have so much confidence when casting with these, the backbone is fantastic. The most amazing part about these rods to me, is how they become a 2.75TC when a fish is hooked. I read they use the FBS blank for the top of the MFA rods, which explains the playing action. The blending from a soft tip to a stiff backbone is something ive never experienced in a rod before. Truly a best of both worlds, and a master at what they are meant to do.

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