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WOLFS ICON Q range and HUBB receiver/controller have a vast array of features to be aware of.

The ICON Q range is the most accessible and customisable of bankside accessories available on the market today.

Here at Wolf, know that every individual’s session is unique to them and we pay much consideration to the finer details, making radical moves in design and technology; creating a truly individualised experience for the specialist angler.

With military grade electronics we aim to bring the highest quality of modern technology to the bank at an affordable cost making our range accessible to the wider audience.

Made in the United Kingdom we oversee the development process of each product every step of the way, ensuring our products meet our highest expectations.

The ICON alarm and HUBB design process has been immersive, taking years to develop and fine tune each function.

On the market today there are similar looking models. Don’t be fooled into thinking they have the same to offer in innovation. The range of features the ICON Q series has to offer is incomparable.

We are actively striving forward, always reaching for the most innovative and modern of design technology to bring bankside experience into the modern day whilst maintaining the essence of a traditional angling experience.

ICON Qi Alarm

The Qi is the flagship model of the Icon range, it has a breath-taking range of features, not seen on any other bite alarm in fishing. All the Icon range have undergone long-term testing during development offering unprecedented quality to the specialist angler.  


  • Variable Detection Sensing System – VDS  
  • Ultra-Sensitive Vibration Detection  
  • Vibration to Roller wheel 
  • High Sensitivity Roller Wheel Detection – RWD 
  • Drop-back Differentiation 
  • Recoil Elimination 
  • High Visibility LED’s 
  • Alarm LED’s Illumination Time 
  • Piezo Speaker 
  • Auto Nightlight – ANL  
  • Nightlight Level Adjustment  
  • Smart Indicator Port – SIP 
  • IQ Port 
  • HUBB/Qr HUBB Link 
  • Extreme Transmit/Receive Range- XTD 
  • Fully Sealed Water-Resistant Electronics 
  • Anti-Theft – Power down Alert to HUBB 
  • Tone Difference – Forward Run & Drop-back 
  • Low Power Saving Mode 
  • Battery Life – 1000 Hours on Standby. 
  • Indication Types Events sent to the HUBB / Qr HUBB. 
  • Warranty 3 Years with 4TH year FREE on registration 


  • Variable Detection Sensing System 
  • Ultra-Sensitive Vibration Detection 
  • Vibration to Roller Wheel 
  • High Sensitivity Roller Wheel Detection 
  • Drop-back Differentiation  
  • Recoil Elimination 
  • High Visibility LED’s  
  • Alarm LED’s Illumination Time  
  • Piezo Speaker 
  • Auto Nightlight 
  • Nightlight Level Adjustment  
  • Smart Indicator Port 
  • IQ Port  
  • HUBB/Qr HUBB Link  
  • Pairing Button  
  • Menu Button 
  • Extreme Transmit/Receive Range 
  • Fully Sealed Water Resistant Electronics 
  • Battery Level Indication 
  • Indication Types 
  • Local Mute 
  • On/Off 
  • Hard Case 
  • Non-Slip Rubber Grip & Rod Protector 
  • Stainless Steel Stud, Locking Nut & Compression Washer 
  • Battery Life – 1000 Hours on Standby 
  • Betalight Slots 
  • Rubber Socket Covers 
  • Range Test 
  • Anti-Theft – Power down Alert  
  • to HUBB 
  • Volume Settings 
  • Tone Settings 
  • Tone Difference – Forward Run & Dropback 
  • Latching Run Time 
  • Low Power Saving Mode 
  • Warranty 3 Years with 4th Year FREE on registration

Icon Hubb

The receiver of the future, is that too bold a statement? We don’t think so. As with all the Icon range, the Hubb is developed and manufactured in Britain. This is not just a receiving unit to repeat what the alarms are telling you, it’s a control unit and transmitter as well.  


Some of the many features of the ICON Hubb include: 

  • LCD display for navigating through the menu and settings. 
  • Built-in torch. 
  • LED’s to indicate backwards and forwards movement on the alarm, flash on drop-back, latch on with forward movement. 
  • 7 Hi Viz LED colours to choose from, to mirror the alarm it is paired to. The colours of the nightlight can be set from the Hubb and can be on Manual or Auto. 
  • The Hubb can connect to 24 devices, 12 wireless and 12 wired and save them so you do not have to reconfigure settings. 
  • Link Response and Range Check. 
  • Global mute for all paired items. 
  • Rumble alert can be on or off and is instantaneous. 
  • 500 hours in standby. 
  • 2km line of sight transmit range, as with the alarms we do not advocate this distance to be used in fishing situations, it demonstrates the strength of the signal. 
  • Time and date feature, also event history check ability. 
  • So, it isn’t just a receiver and transmitter, it’s a control centre for all your Wolf paired items, such as an intruder alarm,
  • Bivvy light etc. 
  • Any paired item can be controlled from your Bivvy during a changing fishing environment. Fully sealed electronics, in solid, robust housing, to work in all weather conditions. 
  • The Hubb has a 3-year warranty, with the addition of a fourth year when registering the purchase. 


  • LCD Display 
  • Built-in Torch  
  • Indicator / Channel LED’s 
  • High Visibility LED Colours  
  • Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, White  
  • 24 Channels- Pairing/Channel saving  
  • Piezo Speaker 
  • HUBB Link 
  • Link Response  
  • On/Off Power Button 
  • Smart LED Port  
  • Volume Adjustment  
  • Tone Replication  
  • Battery Level Indication 
  • Global Mute 
  • Rumble Alert 
  • Fully Sealed Water Resistant Electronics 
  • Extra Long Battery Life 500 Hours 
  • Extreme Transmit/Receive Range 
  • IQ Port Accessory control 
  • Built-In Flip out Stand 
  • Lanyard Fixing Point 
  • Time / Date 
  • Range Test 
  • Event History 
  • Language Options – English, Dutch, German, French & Italian 
  • Screen Time On Period –  5, 10, 20, 30 & 60 seconds 
  • Backlight Colours – Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, White & Off 
  • Backlight Contrast 
  • Key Click 
  • Tech Case available 
  • Warranty 3 Years with 4th Year FREE on registration 
  • Bite Alarm LED Colour, Illumination Level and Time 
  • Nightlight Auto/Manual Mode 
  • Night Light LED Colour 
  • Night Port Mode 
  • Smart Port Adjustments 
  • Tone & Volume Settings 
  • Roller Sensitivity Setting Levels  
  • 8 Sensitivity Levels, expandable to 16 via HUBB Link – 2mm, 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 60mm, 100mm with Additional Sensitivity Levels 4mm, 8mm, 16mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 80mm & 300mm 
  • Device Battery Level Indication 
  • Radio Signal Strength 
  • IQ Port On / Off 
  • Local Mute 
  • Anti-Theft 

It’s worth repeating - Made in Britain!

Instruction Manual - Click Here

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    Wolf Icon Qi & Hubb

    Posted by Robert Jagiello on 26th Jul 2023

    As the owner of many high end alarms from Fox and Delkim, i can tell that these are at different level. They pack best features of Fox and Delkim In one product, adding two way communication between alarms and receiver, making previously impossible tasks like adjusting all alarm functions from the receiver reality. And with range of accesories compatible with Hubb in near future, it makes this set even more versatile.Very impressed so far.

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