Thinking Anglers PTFE Quick Change Swivel (Size 11 / 10 pcs)

Thinking Anglers

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The size 11 Quick Change Swivel is the ideal component for attaching the hook onto Spinner/Ronnie Rigs in conjunction with looped booms. These loops allow the critical additional movement that ensures the hook/hookbait enter the fish’s mouth further, before twisting and taking hold, essentially allowing the rig to work, and encouraging the best possible hook holds.

PTFE Quick Change Swivels are also an extremely quick and convenient means of attaching hook sections on hinged rigs or whilst incorporating a swivel into the German Rig.

The extra-strong wire crook has been formed as narrow as possible, helping to keep your rigs neat and tidy whilst improving the hooking potential by maintaining the hook’s gape.

TA swivels are PTFE coated for super-slick, ultra-free rotation.

Supplied in packs of 10.