Solar Bow-Lite Carbon 42" Landing Net

Solar Tackle

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With a solid, stainless steel, machined spreader block, the Bow-Lite landing net offers Solar quality at a wallet-friendly price.

The laser-etched block is designed to be small, providing strength and reliability while not adding much weight to the head of the net.

A 2-piece, carbon-fiber handle, comprised of two 3ft sections features a laser-etched butt cap, spigot joint and shrink-wrap grips.

Featuring a deep, soft, camouflage 42” mesh and profiled ends to the net arms to eliminate the risk of the net arms damaging the mesh.

Supplied in a waterproof, PVC stink bag with welded seams.

-Stainless steel,micro spreader block
- 42”arms
- Deep, soft, camouflage mesh
- Stiff, carbon net arms
- Supllied in a waterproof PVC stink bag
- Carbon-fibre handle; 2-piece with a spigot joint (two 3ft sections)
- Weight 1.2kg

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