Shimano Ultegra XR 14000 XSD


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Engineered to meet and exceed the demands of the hardcore angler, the Shimano ULTXR14000XSD Ultegra Reel utilizes premium componentry and reel technology to elevate the angling experience. Its design has all the capabilities to withstand unforgiving environments, challenging currents, and hard charging fish, the bread and butter of the carp angler.

Unleash Opportunities to New Distances

For many years it has been understood that line friction is one of the major limiting factors when attempting to achieve distance. The Ultegra answers this flaw with a unique combination of a more radical, tall spool design and Shimano's Super Slow Oscillation. With a tall spool design, greater surface area is achieved that the line can be coiled around before it is brought in a new direction. Super Slow Oscillation takes this one step further by coiling the line at a much "slower" rate, with greater amounts of coils being formed as the spool reaches its lowest and highest heights as line is retrieved. This combination ultimately creates the tightest and greatest number of coils for each pass of the spool, reducing friction to noticeable levels for improved casting distance.

For anglers utilizing heavy leads and pack baits, Shimano incorporated their RigidCast spool support to stabilize its deflection. The timing of line release is optimized to reduce friction-generating spool vibration.

Effortless Cranking Power

Infinity Drive utilizes a new main shaft supporting structure to eliminate friction within the pinion gear. Its design ultimately increases winding torque to the user, along with providing an incredibly smooth and light rotation with heavy loads.

Battling the harsh environments that carp anglers put themselves in, X-Protect technology helps to enhance its water resistance without the sacrifice to light gear and rotor rotation. By constructing a labyrinth styled structure in combination with water-repellant treatments, water is prevented from entering inner areas of the reel. Splashes and other instances of accidental water contact are mitigated from causing damage.

Shimano Reel Technology Found in ULTXR14000XSD Ultegra Surf Spinning Reel:
  • X-Ship
  • CI4+
  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • G Free Body
  • Hagane Gearing
  • Hi-Speed Drag
  • Infinity Drive
  • One-Piece Bail
  • Parallel Body
  • Propulsion Line Management System
  • S A-RB Bearings
  • Silent Drive
  • Super Slow Oscillation
  • X-Protect

Gear Ratio: 4.3:1

Line Per Handle Turn: 41in

Mono Capacity (lb test/yd):


Max Drag: 44lb