PB Products X-Strong Bait Bands (25 pcs)

PB Products UK

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These X-Strong Bait Bands do what they are supposed to do. They are strong and elastic. You can see that the PB Products Bait Bands contain the original elastic color. This indicates optimal quality elastic.

As soon as we start coloring elastic or making it more transparent, this will be at the expense of quality. Durability, strength and elasticity are optimal in this way. Something that fits the PB Products brand. The X-Strong Bait Bands are packed per 25 pieces in a pack and have a diameter of 6mm to 7mm. 

Ideal for attaching bait to Rig Rings or Bait Swivels. You can easily pull these Bait Bands through the bait with a boilie needle without them snapping or tearing.