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A rig with a small change compared to the Soft Combi Rig. This Combi Rig is tied with the very stiff Skinless and therefore more suitable for long casts and for more careful feeding carp.

The very stiff Skinless rig material provides a lot more pressure on the hook point during bait pick-up. Skinless "bends" under a slight tension. Simply a good Stiff Combi Rig by 1/3 stripping Skinless. 

The coating is so stiff that a combination knotted with fluo carbon and braid does not have a better effect. The Stiff Coated Combi Rig is also equipped with a Speed ​​Swivel and Anti Tangle Sleeve.

A rig that is very difficult to tangle due to the stiff Skinless. The Skinless is a perfect deflector, even when the rig lands on the bottom, this Skinless really "pushes" the bait away from the lead.