PB Products Shocker Beads (20 pcs)

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Shocker systems can no longer be ignored in today's fishing industry. Its effectiveness is enormous and that is why we have decided to develop a special bead for this system. A combination of effectiveness and fish safety has finally resulted in a rubber bead with a conical inner diameter.

This allows the bead to be fixed on a Sinking rig tube and Leadcore and the bead can still slide over a possible leader knot in the event of a line break. Ideal for the use of shocker systems. These Shocker Beads are so elastic that you can easily provide the rig tube and leadcore with this bead. No needle or other device is needed for this. This elasticity also ensures that the bead is firmly enough on the tube/leadcore and can still slide off in the event of a line break so that the fish can lose everything.