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The Anti Blow-Out Rig is extremely suitable for fishing in the colder periods or when the fish move with difficulty. Even the cautious feeding carp will not bypass the Anti Blow Out Rig. Multiple details ensure that the Anti Blow Out punctures very quickly and easily.

First, of course, the Long Shank Hook. This pierces very quickly through the long handle on which a Long Shank Aligner is also mounted. This makes the hook point fall even faster. 

Second detail is the Rig Ring on the stem to which the hair is tied. When spitting, the bait will be spit out through the ring but the hook point will remain inside the mouth. Prick, and hold. 

Try this Anti Blow-Out Rig on your hand but be careful! See and feel. This rig is also equipped with Speed ​​Swivel 8 in combination with Anti Tangle Sleeve and of course tied with the very reliable Jelly Wire in the 25lb class.