Panama Pro1 River Bait Boat with Added Autopilot & GPS


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This boat was developed for use in extreme conditions. It can be deployed in any wave or strong wind or current.

It has an impressive speed.

Optional Features Pre-Installed On This Bait Boat:

- Autopilot & GPS: 

Its great advantage is that it can be controlled directly from the transmitter’s 3-position switch and does not require a separate screen or phone.

Switching between modes is easy, including picking up way points that don’t require a separate GPS or map.

100 lakes and 10 points per lake can be stored in memory. All information is displayed on the transmitter display.

- High Beam Reflector Lights:

They are switchable with the controller. Suitable for lighting up entire swim during night fishing, if need be.

Do not look into it as it may cause eye damage!

- Big Battery Pack:

Provides up to 3 hours of continuous runtime instead of standard 1.5 hour and can be recharged in only 1 hour.


Standard Features & Specs:

– The Brushless Motor with power output of 700 watts (!) which stands out from other bait boats

– Stunning speed

– Bait load capacity 3.5 lb

– Seaweed protection, stainless steel grille

– High brightness LEDs for better visibility (front, side, back)

– Range of 500m

– Boat weight: approx. 6 kg

– Size: 75 x 35 x 24 cm

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