One More Cast Chopstix Bait Chopping Fade PVA Mesh System

One More Cast

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The FADE CHOPSTIX innovative 2 in 1 PVA Mesh system not only offers you the ability to make a standard PVA Mesh Bag or Stick but now with the unique removable Cutting Grid & Lid you are able to quickly Chop multiple Boilies, Luncheon Meat, Tiger Nuts etc into your PVA Bag before adding other groundbait, pellets and/or smaller food items. 

5 Metres of premium Large 37mm diameter Mini-Mesh PVA included. 

The system comes encased in an outer protective system for easy transportation in amongst your tackle armoury. 

For Chopstix PVA Mesh Refills, CLICK HERE

Chops Away!

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