One More Cast All-In-1 Rig Set Setup (Blend Tubing Blow Back / 1 Pc)

One More Cast

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Yessss, you read that RIGHT… OMC’s META ALL-IN-ONE RIGS now bring to you All-In-One Rigs with a Blend Tungsten Tubing and Pin Lead Clip System to marry up with the world-famous BLOW BACK RIG.

This rig is crafted with our stunning Blend Coated Braid and Vitabitz “Simply Shrink” Tube to give you excellent hooking mechanics and a subtle difference to the other rigs in the range which herald our household Dazzler family. 

You’ve asked, and I hope we’ve delivered. This range is AVAILABLE in the extremely DURABLE & Sharp Micro-barbed CASSIEN Hook BARBLESS HORSESHOE Hook.