Nash Trax Evo Electric Power Barrow


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Based on the acclaimed Evo and Metro Mk. 2 frames with the addition of a 24 Volt 150 watt motor and a variable speed trigger, Trax Power Barrows feature adjustable propulsion to perfectly match your walking pace or the terrain to cover ground effortlessly.

Nash design touches include the two 12 volt lead-acid batteries being centre mounted within the barrow frame and the motor being an integral part of the wheel for perfect balance, plus the option of using the barrow without motor power for short treks or when wishing to conserve charge. Wiring is internal to the frame and a fully waterproofed control box ensures continued performance in any climate. Both models are supplied with under barrow storage bags, mains charger and battery bag.

NOTE: The Power Barrow Rear Wheel Kit (T3272) is available as an optional extra to allow Trax Power Barrows and the Nash Tackle Power Barrow to be propelled on wheels over flat terrain.

Maximum load capacity: 242lb

Battery performance guide: 4-5 miles (!!) between charges

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