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Offering market beating guaranteed bait delivery on touchdown, 2023 sees the Dot Spod restyled to increase weight at the nose for even greater aerodynamic stability and improved accuracy over shorter ranges as well as at the extreme distances they are famous for. Dot Spods have been cast to 180 yards (160 metres) during testing.

Perfect for all baits from floaters to pellets to particles and boilies the Dot Spod releases every time even fished on the clip when the rocket routinely impacts on its side. With no moving parts or complicated mechanisms to jam or fail, Dot Spods offer pure simplicity, pure reliability and pure performance.

Easy one handed loading - bait can be quickly scooped into the body one handed from a bucket with no loading tools required

No mechanism inside the nose ensures the weight of the load is concentrated at the very front, improving casting range and accuracy

Guaranteed bait release - even if the Spod lands on its side as the line hits a spool clip – removing the constant frustration of wasted effort and retrieving a loaded rocket

Versatility – can be used with any type of load, from slop mixes over zigs to micro pellets, particles and larger boilies

Easy retrieve – the Dot Spod skims back effortlessly along the surface, reducing time and effort spent retrieving. Its mechanism also prevents premature opening and bait spill

Dot Spod Impact Small

Dimensions: 17cm (l) x 7cm (w)

Empty: 42gr

Loaded with 6mm pellet: 103gr

Loaded with hemp: 118gr

Loaded with boilies:

108gr (56 x 12mm)

110gr (30 x 15mm)

106gr (11 x 20mm)

Dot Spod Impact Medium

Dimensions: 19cm (l) x 8cm (w)

Empty: 64gr

Loaded with 6mm pellet: 158gr

Loaded with hemp: 184gr

Loaded with boilies:

172gr (92 x 12mm)

167gr (47 x 15mm)

165gr (20 x 20mm)

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