Katran Synapse Neon Line


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The line is absolutely ideal for use at night, especially when combined with special headlamp: Katran W/B 460 PRO

The Neon line - is top choice line for members of more than 10 National Teams at Carp World Carp Fishing Championship since 2014. In Bulgaria and Croatia, Synapse Neon is considering one of the best long casting line with flight performance up to 200 meters.

In 2016 we were proud to be able to announce a brand new concept in fishing line in the form of Neon 1000 meters line with wide range of diameters. In 2020 we are happy to see wide use of Neon line.

A smooth florescent monofilament fishing line is not only much less visible in the water, than any other colourful line, the NEON also reflects light making this line invaluable when fishing day and especially at night.

Innovative long-casting fluorescent copolymer sinking fishing line. Incredibly useful when fishing close to snaggy or weedy areas, the sight of the line becomes invaluable in these situations especially when taking into consideration fish safety.

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