Holdcarp Digital Smart Cradle


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Digital Smart Cradle combines a digital scale and a cradle together. Now there is no need to use tripod, digital scale and a cradle separately. 

The Digital Smart Cradle has a waterproof touch LCD display with a display of 3.5 inches, which shows the exact weight of the catch.

The upper part of the LCD also displays the outside temperature, pressure (hPa), altitude and battery level.

In the lower part there are touch buttons: TARE - MENU - PAUSE - PLAY - KG - LB.

The weight of the fish is displayed in the center of the LCD with an accuracy of 3 decimal places (that is accuracy of 1/1000 of a pound!).

Smart Cradle is intended for outdoor use. The cradle is made of steel material, which ensures a long life of the product. The structure is coated with a high-quality waterproof surface treatment. The frame itself is equipped with six separate telescopic legs, with the help of which it is possible to level the unit even in the most unfriendly fishing spots.

Large mud feet are used to prevent digging into the wet ground. The inner textile part is made of soft material that will ensure perfect protection of the catch. In the lower part of the cradle there are thick-walled nets intended for the drainage of excess water.

The cradle has overlapping covers to prevent the fish from jumping out of the cradle. The LCD display is waterproof and has a handle with which it can be placed on the bathtub. The connection between the cradle and the LCD panel is made by waterproof connectors.

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