Gardner Sure Pro Special Edition Purple Copolymer Line


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‘Special Edition’ Sure Pro Purple is an exceptionally high performance multi discipline main line that is perfectly suited for almost any carp, coarse and sea angling situation.

The base copolymer used for this monofilament is a tried and tested blend that’s proven to be amazingly robust, which means it withstands being used and abused.

Special Edition Sure Pro offers fantastic high knot strength, whilst retaining a lovely smooth finish and supple feel that essentially makes this a great casting line.

It’s a line that sinks well too, a facet of the lines performance that improves with use (like so many copolymers) as it becomes more porous with a little usage.

The translucent purple blends in amazingly with all sorts of aquatic environments as a consequence of water absorbing the red end of the spectrum first. This means that the line soon looses that intense/vibrant visibility it has above the water line, and readily transforms into a ‘non descript’ natural shade, even in relatively shallow clear water.

This effect means that it’s useful for fishing from high swims or for anglers fishing venues where you may have to weave a boat in between lines during the course of a fishing session.