Gardner Covert Lead Clip Kit


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The Clip Kit includes all the essential components required to construct versatile, safe, Covert Lead Clip lead arrangements.

  • These packs feature the Covert Lead Clip, that are the smallest and least conspicuous Size 8 Swivel safety lead clip available.
  • They are easy to use, and are designed so that the size 8 Kwik- Lok swivel ‘clicks’ securely into place inside the front barrel of the lead clip.
  • The unique Covert Lead Clip design offers truly adjustable, consistent lead discharge that’s set by the position of the Covert Tail Rubber.
  • The fine tuning of the Covert Lead Clip system was further enhanced by improvements we applied to the design of dedicated Covert Tail Rubbers (supplied).
  • For the quickest lead drop only partially push the tail rubber on the rear (and/or trim back the lead arm).
  • In circumstances where it’s not necessary to lose the lead push the tail rubber fully on.

These packs include: 5 x Lead Clips, 5 x Tail Rubbers (improved), 5 x Anti-Tangle Sleeves, 5 x Kwik-Lok Swivels Size 8.