Gardner Bait Shuttle


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Gardner Tackle has a long and distinguished history of manufacturing and selling spods, from the very first commercially available spod, the Bait Rocket to the hugely popular Pocket Rocket range and the technically advanced Particle Bullets.

For us, the logical next step was to bring together some of the established design features from the range – the size and spacing of the holes in the with a modern design to fulfil customers requirements to be able to spod a variety of baits to their chosen marks without having to swap spods. The process has taken a few years but we have finally released the new Bait shuttles.

  • Available in two sizes, these new Gardner Bait Shuttles are designed to cast accurately and feature an aerodynamic design that flies straight and true and copes well with cross winds.
  • The modular design means that you can remove the flush fitting, removable sleeve and immediately convert them to work with a wide range of baits – including boilies, particles, maggots and even sloppy groundbaits. Simply unscrew the detachable nose cone and pull the insert from body.
  • The harness is made from hard wearing, yet flexible nylon cord so it will not get in the way when you filling the Bait Shuttle up either!
  • Finally, the materials used in their manufacture, their shape and the harness length have all been optimised during testing for smooth retrieval (best without insert in place), and the high visibility buoyant nose cone aids accuracy by ensuring the loaded spod is well balanced and that the spod floats nose up, dropping its payload exactly where you want it.