Gardner 12" 3-Rod Snag Buzzer Bars


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These goal-post style Black Shadow Snag Buzzer Bars are designed to utilize 2 banksticks, making them much more solid and secure when compared to conventional standard stick buzzer bars.

The twin stick arrangement resists twisting when you get a bite and having a secure rod setup means a greater control right from the moment your alarm bleeps.

The use of quality materials, like lightweight high-grade aluminium, in the construction of these bars offers the angler greater mobility by reducing weight compared to other heavier bankware available on the market.

All Buzzer fitting threads have a gnarled locking/alignment collar so that it’s easy to set the buzzers securely in place and get them perfectly positioned.

Black Shadow Snag Buzzer Bars are manufactured with a hardwearing black anodised finish to offer weather protection, reduce wear and tear in normal use and it looks great too.

All of the products in the Black Shadow range feature common fittings and ‘standard’ 3/8 BSF threads, so that they will work in conjunction with the rest of the range and other standard bankware.