Forgotten Flavours Monster Crab Concentrate

Forgotten Flavours

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Does Monstercrab really need introduction? Well perhaps ours does. Bottled up in this glass is a dirty, filthy crab blend that has accounted for a truckload of carp captures in the last years.

I've been in a favourable position where I was able to get the original big barrel of last Monstercrab from Hutchy's house, and I can tell you now, our Monstercrab leaves nothing to the imagination...

It is a blend so it ain't pure crab filth, there is some hints of Shellfish and Mussel in there as well... One things for certain. NOT FEMALE FRIENDLY. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

All Forgotten Favourites Flavours will be supplied in glass, European made 50ml bottles with a very tight screw cap.