FishStone Swiveled Slip & Fixed Loop-Kit


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FishStone’s Loop-Kit complete set is our versatile stone-based fishing system, ideal for for short to medium range casts.

This kit offers 2 methods to fish with;

Slip Method (similar to running rig):

It is particularly popular for carp fishing on rivers, as the stone (held by high quality band) releases reliably either immediately after an aggressive  bite or when encountering an obstacle while fighting the fish (rock, driftwood, heavy weeds). This allows for fighting the carp on a free line, without additional weigth attached. It also prevents your rig from being stuck in between rocks and boulders which often happens on rivers.

Fixed Method (also similar to running rig):

The stone can be held in place more firmly using a wider band with strategicly placed holes in it, gripping the stone securely and keeping it in place, while fighting the fish. This allows you to reuse the same stone time after time.

All fishing weights up to 500g are covered by quickly changing the fishing stone.

Package Contents:

· 2 x Body in the selected colour

· 2 x wire pin

· 2 x carabiner

· 2 x bead

· 4 x swivel

· 3 x FIX natural rubber straps in the selected colour
(1 x S 10 – 40g | 1 x M 40 – 100g | 1 x L 100 – 350g )

· 3 x SLIP natural rubber straps in the selected colour
(1 x M 40 – 100g | 2 x L 100 – 500g )

· 3 x FISHSTONES in the selected colour
(1 x S 10 – 40g | 1 x M 40 – 100g | 1 x L 100 – 350g )

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