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These baits have been in development for many months and we haven’t held back. Made from the original base mixes and loaded with aminos and feeding triggers ensuring you get the very hook bait that is attractive to the fish and to really offer you more we have also included a booster spray in each pot.

Green Beast critical balanced hook baits replicate a standard boilie straight from the bag except we have have given it a unique twist by adding a hint of plum.

This new exciting range of hook baits has been developed over many months and contain the base mix used in our standard baits as well as adding balanced aminos and attractors making them super special.

Each pot of hook baits also comes with a booster spray allowing you to give them a spray prior to your fishing trip or whilst your on the bank.

What Is a Critical Balanced hook Bait?

Hours of studying underwater footage has shown the fish picking up free offerings from a baited spot starting from the outside. When the fish gets close to either a pop up or wafter it spooks and swims off. A pop up sits up with hook at desired height. A wafter will sit just above the hook on the lakebed.

A critical balanced hook bait looks just like a standard boilie however they have been created to sit on the lakebed but lighter. The result of this is when a fish is feeding on a spot as it goes around hoovering up free offerings your hook bait looks natural but will be picked up far easier under vacuum. This results in the bait flying into the back of the carps mouth quickly. The hook then drops, as the fish feels it and bolts. Game over for the fish giving you a screaming run.

These really are a game changer in your angling!

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    Smell incredible

    Posted by Greg on 20th Mar 2024

    Perfectly balanced! Experimenting with them on a KD rig at the moment. Definitely would recommend