DT Baits Crustazia DNA Liquid Feed Stimulant (PVA-Friendly, 500 ml)

DT Baits

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- This is the first new flavor range for DT in a decade, the last one introduced to the range was Supa Fruit.
- We have spent over 2 years creating and testing this flavor ensuring it meets the requirements of today's modern angling. In testing the results have been amazing with multiple hauls from tricky lakes and PB's being broken.
- A true crustacean-based flavor with our own exclusive blend, containing no fishmeals whatsoever - high in protein, low fat content and a balanced amount of aminos. The perfect flavor for early spring to late autumn.  
- We wanted to formulate an attractant with the highest nutritional value and optimal...attraction – Crustacean meals are very attractive to carp for obvious reasons but can be difficult to perfect when used in boilies. I think we have made an exclusive product containing a very high amount of these ingredients combined with other proven carp attractors, but without the inclusion of any fishmeal whatsoever. 
- The starting point for this new bait flavor was found in old and very effective crustacea and milk-based recipes from over 20 years ago, baits that would be very expensive to do today. After carefully sourcing the highest quality ingredients, it has become possible to release a bait flavor with an extremely high content of mixed crustacean meals combined with our exclusive milk protein blends for the ultimate food source.
This feed stimulant is made up of many different components as is ideal for pouring over free offerings or spod mix. There is no maximum dosage so can be applied as much or little as required.