DT Baits & Carp Angler Mussel Supreme Hard Hook Baits (22mm)

DT Baits

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DT Baits & Carp Angler Mussel Supreme Hard Hook Bait is a result of ambitious collaboration between Carp Angler and one of UK's most respected bait manufacturers.

While mussel-based boilies and hook baits are not new, we have re-developed this flavor profile based on extensive data from Delaware and Connecticut Rivers in USA, including catch reports.

The mussel flavour profile is based on the powerful additive green lipped mussel and sourced from one of the UK's leading flavour houses.  They are designed to prevent nuisance fish destroying your hook bait and withstand the hardest of casts giving you up most confidence that your bait is still presented well.

These hard hook baits have been developed using a quality fishmeal basemix with added attractors and additives that can be found in the baits produced by DT Bait Developments.

With dark yellow to light brown color this boilie may be used year-round with fantastic effects.

The coarse and complex structure of Mussel Supreme with its multi-colored speckled look is not only more natural and appealing to wild carp, but also allows for bettter dispersion of flavors into the swim.

Each pot containt approx. sixteen hard hook baits.