Dragonfruit & Shellfish Tiger Nuts (4oz)

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Dragon Fruit & Shellfish Tiger Nuts represent an innovative fusion of enticing aromas and flavors designed to captivate the discerning palate of carp. With a meticulous blend of dragon fruit essence and the savory allure of shellfish, this bait offers a multi-sensory experience for carp.

The distinctive fragrance of dragon fruit, with its floral and tropical notes, intertwines harmoniously with the rich, briny undertones of shellfish, creating an irresistible symphony that triggers the feeding instincts of carp.

Through the careful selection and combination of these ingredients, Dragon Fruit & Shellfish Tiger Nuts not only appeal to the olfactory senses of carp but also stimulate their taste receptors, ensuring prolonged interest and engagement with the bait.

Drawing from scientific principles of flavor chemistry and fish behavior, Dragon Fruit & Shellfish Tiger Nuts leverage the innate preferences of carp for specific tastes and smells. The sweet yet tangy aroma of dragon fruit acts as a potent attractant, while the robust essence of shellfish provides a natural source/smell of known protein, mimicking the carp's dietary preferences. By incorporating these elements into a single, synergistic blend, this bait delivers a powerful sensory stimulus.

Dragon Fruit & Shellfish Tiger Nuts stand as a testament to the art and science of carp fishing bait design, offering anglers a competitive edge on the waters.

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    Carp Angler Baits

    Posted by Pete on 16th Apr 2024

    I havent tried the tiger nuts yet, but Carp Angler/Proline boilies are fantastic! This year, I bought almost every flavor, and have caught more and bigger fish then ever before!!